Media Center News “Best Retakaful Institution” PT Reasuransi Syariah Indonesia in Global Islamic Finance Award - 2016.

“Best Retakaful Institution” PT Reasuransi Syariah Indonesia in Global Islamic Finance Award - 2016.

ReINDO Syariah continues to deliver a great deal of improvements lead us to a whole different levels of business as usual.we were entitled to commensurate the company’s capital base with its business profile and to broaden business horizon in the long run. There are three factors of ReINDO Syariah strength to compete in the business environment, they are Operator’s Equity, Tabarru’ Fund and RBC.



These shown in our Equity achievement which has reached 218 bilion, Tabarru’ Fund 150 billion and RBC 175% at the end of 2015. Such achievements have been obtained by a high gross contribution and optimally maintained the loss ratio so that the value of the company escalate and eventually provides what seems to be called convenience to the stakeholders. Our formidable commitment and consistency to always maintain good capital quality as well as to keep the ordinary equity and retained profits intact with no debts have been paid off. And when it comes to maintaining good quality we have just the agendas for his brand new year 2016 as we belive that variety is what keeps the business interested.

Board PT ReINDO Syariah said, we would like to express our myriad thanks to all business partners for the absolute supports and solid cooperation and we look forward to synergizing our vision and mission to prosper in many years ahead. ReINDO Syariah will carry on to fully expand that only brings benefit to ReINDO Syariah itself, partners, and counterparts. We really appreciate the GIFA team that choose PT ReINDO Syariah as the “Best Retakaful”.

About Us

PT. Reasuransi Syariah Indonesia (dikenal dengan ReINDO Syariah) sebagai Full Fledge Retakaful Pertama di Indonesia secara resmi telah beropersi per 1 Juni 2016,  sebagai Perusahaan Reasuransi Syariah hasil  Spin Off Divisi  Reasuransi  Syariah ReINDO. Kami sudah  mendapat izin usaha dan transfer portfolio dari OJK. Sebagai “Indonesia Pioneer Retakaful”, menurut Eko Supriyanto Hadi (Direktur Keuangan ReINDO), PT ReINDO Syariah mendapat dukungan penuh dari OJK, ReINDO  sebagai  Pemegang Saham dan Kementerian BUMN.